MMnApril 1994

Barbara Legat died in a car accident in Bosnia early in the current century.
The sad news came to my ears during a visit to Sarajevo in 2005.

I had last seen her in 1994, shortly after her return to the besieged city from the Czech Republic, where we had met the previous summer.

Her last day in Prague, when she set out upon return, was a gloomy one for her friends there, who worried about her safety.nBut brighter in memory are the admiration and bemused wonder that her courageous action left me with.nIt was good to find her safely arrived, and reunited, when I got back to Sarajevo myself that April.

I hope these photographs and few words may do some honor to her memory, and evoke memories and some happiness for her family and friends.

MMMMMMBarbara came to meet me at Jelica Street, where I stayed with the Prolić family.

MMMMMMWe were walking west that day, perhaps to visit her mother in Hrasno.

MMMMMMIn all four of the posed photos, Barbara crosses her feet in that casual, elegant way.

MMMMMM And death shall have no dominion?MMMMMMMMMMMMMM The Old Military Hospital.

The End