MMnApril 1994


Looking northeast, from the southern/left bank of the Miljaska River between the bridges marked below.

All photos here were taken along the river between Bridge A and Bridge B,
at the western end of the city. The Miljaska flows west. See below for a wider frame.

Looking northwest at Bridge B. Note the gardener with red sleeves, by his scarecrow, and the man in white.
The junk cars are perhaps to be crushed, then stacked to serve as armor against snipers on the pedestrian thoroughfares.

Reverse angle from prior -- now looking upstream and southeast, with the Televisa broadcasting center rear left.
Messrs White and Red Sleeves are still at work.

Mr Red Sleeves and his scarecrow. The gardener in the background is in the prior shot, and also in the first above with two others.

Mr White works. The white shack on left edge appears in most of the prior shots. The background road leads right/south to Bridge A.

Another angle on Mr White. The center of the river's bend is just ahead of him. Note the fishermen.

The fishermen appear above. The junk cars are heading north across Bridge A for the junkyard seen in the second shot above.

Looking west at the PTT Engineering building, where the Western powers policing the town held their press briefings.
Note the gardeners and fishermen. The woman in white stands on the center of the river's bend, just a bit southeast of
Mr White in the shots above. Moving upstream, we have entered Mrs White's territory.

Mrs White has moved with her bag upstream quite a bit (see below). Note also the three background gardeners still at work.

Wider frame of the same photo as above. Looking northwest, with Bridge B in the background.

Again a wider frame of the same shot, taken perhaps from the south end of Bridge A.

Reverse angle on the same scene, with Mrs White in mid distance along the same bank, and a new fisherman settling in.

The End