MMn1993 - 1994

A fresh grave. The snow had fallen days before.

The forsythia suggests this is April 1994, not, as first thought, December 1993. Snow fell during both visits.

The same scene. If memory serves, this is the remnant antique graveyard of the 16th century Ali Pasha Mosque.
For the newly dead to be laid here would seem to attest to a shortage of space, after 21 months of terror.

Here too gravemarkers from the siege stand amid others much older.

Also on the grounds of Ali Pasha Mosque, if I'm not mistaken.

Seno at the Lion Graveyard.

Below are two soccer fields, and the stadium built for the 1984 Olympics.
Both were used as graveyards before the siege was broken.

The Sphinx-like Lion can be seen beneath the pines. The siege line ran behind the ruined resort hotel rear right,
at the foot of the northern mountains. From there Serb nationalist snipers routinely fired upon funeral services.

Caco (SAHT-so) led one of the militias that took shape early on to defend the city and became a hero.
But then he fell afoul the new government, was arrested as a gangster, and was killed during an attempt to escape.

A child rests. The slender stakes are siege-scale Muslim gravemarkers. The crosses, of course, Christian.

Croat, Serb and Muslim, side by side in the Lion Graveyard.

Children were often quietly hanging out in this old Muslim graveyard on a hillside above the National Library.

Lilacs grace the city in April.

The End