MMDanila, Maja (?) and Fuko

MMnApril 1994


Danila and Fuko

A mortar shell had exploded moments before this photo, too close for comfort. People are scrambling for cover,
fearing two more, as often was the case as the proud artillery heroes in the hills practiced their triangulation skills.

This is just west of Vijećnica (the National Library), along the river, where this group of children were often playing.
The explosion was just south across the river, on a hillside full of houses, rear left of camera.

This boy I knew as Maja, pronounced Maya, like the Cental American indians and the goddess of earthly illusion.
But as far as I know, "Maja" is a girl's name. So perhaps I never had his name right. Or ... could he be a girl?

Shortly after the prior shot (and explosion), a woman gathers the kids to take them inside.
That's Maja again, second from the right.

For the boy on the left I have no name. Beside him are Fuko (with Brooklyn Bridge chewing gum), Maja (?) and Danila.

They are sitting on the river wall, facing north, just across from the National Library.
Up the hill in the neighborhood behind them is where the shell noted above, on another day, had exploded.

The End