MMModernity's Last Moment of Optimism?

MMA Walk with Bimbo along the Fin de Siecle river

MMnDecember 1993 and April 1994


Ivica Pinjuh — known to all as "Bimbo" — looks east, up river, on the bridge to Skenderija.

Bimbo before the Academy of Fine Arts, which, like all the riverfront landmarks, is used for target practice.

The building was completed in 1899, to house the Evangelical Church.

More fruit of the period when Vienna held sway, 1878 up until the war:
The palatial seat of the University of Sarajevo. And the burnt-out shell of the Post Office.

The Post Office smouldering after the battle there in the early weeks of the siege, April or May 1992

The University palace and Post Office on the left, across the river from the Academy of Fine Art.

The Vijećnica — City Hall — in its Pseudo-Moorish glory. Completed 1894.
Since 1949 it has housed the National and University Library. On August 25, 1992, it was firebombed by the Serb nationalists,
destroying the interior and all its books — by Kemal's calculations, the single biggest book-burning in history.

A mosque's minaret. And the cupola of the Austrian building that houses the Museum of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

The headquarters of the heroic newspaper Oslobodjenje, which continues to publish.

Bimbo with friends at the offices of the other essential wartime news organ: Dani Magazine.

Haris and the Post Office

More on the Culture War.

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