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October 11, 2008

Enter the Palindrones

There's more where she came from


by William Johnney

Today, there is no fashion, really. There are just . . . choices. Women dress today to reveal their personalities. They used to reveal the designer's personality. Until the 70s, women listened to designers. Now women want to do it their own way. There are no boundaries. And without boundaries, there is no fashion.

Oscar de la Renta

THE SPECTACLE OF SARAH, stumping before slavering lynch mobs in the Heartland, almost passed without notice through a week in which the global financial system and its ideas finally failed.

Since negotiating her chat with Joe Biden with such flair, Sarah's brazen sexiness, born innocently, no doubt, of the last frontier, has been stimulating the crowd that finds her swell to brazen expressions of racial hatred, of the sort not heard at this level of public discourse since the day of Medgar Evers and Bull Connor.

They come from men and women alike, in abrupt -- Kill him! Abrupt grunts and shrieks. Perhaps even surprisi-- Terrorist!
Not so much punctuating Sarah's insinuations, as young deacons in
line behind a Baptist preacher, but -- Off with his head!

But rather interrupting them.

Premature ejaculations surprised by sin.


People in civilized parts of the globe are accustomed to America's frontier eccentricities. But what must they be thinking this longest of weekends, as the ministers of the West gather in panic to nationalize -- and then integrate! -- their banking systems?

The Leader of the Free World ...

Nixon, Reagan, baby Bush ... Each creature more malleable and dangerous than the last ...

Yet how might the puppetmasters top Dubya?

Until Sarah it seemed the plague had finally run its course.


She's perfect.

The perfect creature, the perfect puppet -- no limit to the uses to which she might be put. Superior to baby Bush in all respects.
An aristophanic amalgam of Nancy and Ronald Reagan.

Like the Reagans, people love her. And people loathe her.

But then there's that mob in the middle of the road who loathe yet want to jump on her bones.

How will those guys vote? Is this the determinative demoslice?


Have life-sized Sarah blow-up dolls hit the market yet? Might they help McPalin on both sides of the aisle -- diverting and discharging Redneck frustrations, while leaving certain erstwhile Donkey voters sleepy on the couch with six pack and remote?

Is the spectacle of Sarah another argument against loosing sex upon society without limits?

May there be blowback?MOn which side of the aisle?

After getting a rise out of the spunky debate, McPalin poll numbers are sinking again. The mob may be enthralled, but maybe she's tarting it up a bit much for those Hillary loyalists who had crossed the aisle in anger at the way Obama was treating their woman.


But more strategically: The Age of Sarah arrives just as the Age of Reagan goes swirling with Wall Street down the drain.

At such a moment, might the post-60s feminism -- which flourished during the Reagantime by preaching in reaction a new sexism-cum-racism -- Identity Politics -- turning fully on the Universalism of the modern Left to target the Great White Male Hegemony -- might this neo-feminism also take a dive?

Would that be bad news?MOn which side of the aisle?

No news, after all, that the new feminism, rooted in Academia, pampered by tenure and isolated from the political effects of its discourse, splintered the Democratic Party's base by alienating a lot of men, blue collar and white. Leading what remained through the Reagantime and beyond, beneath a banner swiped from the fin de siecle Progressives, it led only to Donkey losses in legislatures nationwide, playing into the obvious hand of the Religious Right, but also that of the globalizing rich, for whom the GOP served as a populist front.

This aspect of the decline of the New Deal gets very little press, yet, one submits, has been as destructive of FDR's party and the nation's equilibrium as the direct assaults of the owner-operator class. A lot of Donkey men, faced with the choice of a bad boss and a bitchy wife, began to sleep at the office.


Yet perhaps the nastier strains of the neo-feminism may fade with the Reaganism in reaction to which they flourished. Especially after getting an eyeful of Sarah. Maybe hubby'll come home, and the Donkeys conceive a new New Deal in their newly congenial conjugal bed.

Auspicious for the Democrats along these lines may be the fact that their only electoral success in the era now vanishing presented neo-feminism with an age-old problem, apparently immune to the ministrations of Correct Progress -- a womanizing but gifted and charming rogue. And many of the movement's leaders giggled.

Today's new problem -- the problem of Sarah -- is the other side of the Bill Clinton coin.

And it won't be going away on Election Day. As Reagan made it possible for morons to become president in Televisionland, so has Sarah blazed a new trail.

And there's plenty more where she came from.

Enter the Palindrones ...



The End

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